How can we convert String to Queueitem

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I wish to convert string to queueitem and wondering how it can be done.
What I am trying to do is getting some information from queue which looks like this:

I could get this information and convert it to string in order to fill the webform with GOLD_Order.

After my work is done, I want to change the status of this transaction to Successful in Queue, but my reference is stored in a String type.

I wish to store the information in String to QueueItem type so that I could put it in Set Transaction Activity.

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Hello Mayank!

In order to convert your string into a QueueItem, you should check the Add Queue Item.

FIrst Create your Queue and then try adding items :wink:

Here is the documentation about the activity

You can add the strings in “ItemInformation”

And if you want to retrieve it:

Use “Get Queue ITem”

Where you can retrieve the specific string.


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Hi @vilardelld,

Get queue Teams might be the solution but it would require for each activity to retrieve particular transaction item from queue as well right ?

could you let me know what could be the TypeArgument in For each loop ?

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Get Queue Items is the solution if you want to access a Queue Item.

I won’t use a For Each Loop, the UiPath Framework looks for items in Queues and executes the process if there are, if not closes it. I would give it a look.

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This in return providing output as IEnumerable. As you said, even if I could retrieve String, I wish to get it converted to type Uipath.Core.QueueItem.

My question is, how can I convert that String to this format ? (Uipath.Core.QueueItem)


Use Add To Queue and provide the strings as ItemInformation

Then retrieve this element :slight_smile:

This does not help, I have alraedy added the references in queue, now I want to set the transaction to Successful.

Thus, I wish to know how can we change the string to queueItem type.


Then you have to take the QueueItem an OUTPUT from Get Queue and then use the SET TRANSACTION ACTIVITY to SUCCESS. using the QueueItem as input.

There is no Output element in Add Queue Item properties. Perhaps, I should consult UiPath Technical Team for this.

In order to set the transaction to Successful you need to use “Get Transaction Item” when you begin working on the queue. It gets the oldest queue item and sets it to “In Progress”. When you have ordered your gold, you use “Set Transaction Status” to set your item to “Successful”. You need to pass it the TransactionItem variable which you get from “Get Transaction Item”.

Hi @krbg00,

Thanks for your input, I have building something similar and now it is resolved. :slight_smile:

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