List to Orchestrator queue item?

It seems not to be possible to add List to the QueueItem, but all types are available when providing the collection for the QueueItem. Or is it possible and I just missed something?

This is what I get when trying to push the new QueueItem to Orchestrator:

"message": "Add queue item : The given untyped value '[\"801805281\",\"801804747\"]' in payload is invalid. Consider using a OData type annotation explicitly. Error code: 0"

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It is clearly mentioned in the UIPath docs. The item information supports only primitive data types (numbers, boolean, string…).
So list will not be supported.


Hi @obeliksz,

There could be a possibility to add list data information to the queueItem. Maybe you can convert list to json string.

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My bet was to simply make a join and then split to get it back: String.Join(";",TransactionAccountMatches);
Do you have a similarly simple oneliner for transforming the list to json and back? That would be worth sharing :slight_smile:


You can import Newtonsoft namespace and use the following:

  • Serialize

  • Deserialize

Using deserialize json activity, From UiPath.Web package.
Don’t forget to specify the TypeArgument to List(Of String) within the activity.

The same approach is application to datatables as well, Dictionaries etc… (once again, TypeArgument is relevent)

Example : JsonExample.xaml (7.3 KB)


Please also link the documentation for which I have accepted your answer. Before asking I was also searching but didn’t find it, now I would like to look up id DateTime is supported, but the closest documentation I could find is this, that is not stating what are allowed.

It gave me no errors when I added to the queue items with DateTime but then I don’t know how to assign them to a DateTime variable as for Strings its simply io_TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“Name”).ToString and for Int is cint(io_TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“Amount”))… Now how to assign a date by SpecificContent?

Find the information here -

Karthik Byggari

Thanks, btw the docs are not stating that only primitive data types are supported, but that those are recommended. Would be interesting to see more on this subject, like which ones are actually supported.

It is recommended to use only primitive values. The value of string arguments cannot contain the following characters: [ and " " . Argument names cannot contain the following characters: : , . , , , @ , " .

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