How can I use Uipath in C#?

This is probably asked to death but I’m fairly new to UIpath and I see a lot of the code is in VB, which I am not a big fan of nor am I too well versed in.

I see there is some talk of UIpath using C# but the only things I’ve found are announcements saying it would be down for 19.10. I believe it’s currently on 20.3 so is it back up? And if it is up how can I enable the option?


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C# was supported in the 2018 release, but is no longer an option. However, since there is talk of Microsoft ending support for VB.Net, UiPath will likely change that in the future.

See C# Support Temporarily Removed in Studio 19.10

You are still somewhat able to use C# in/for UiPath:

  1. Creating custom activities using C#:
  2. Using the “Invoke Code Activity” and setting the Language parameter to “CSharp”

There are most likely some more options to use C# in our projects. These are the ones I am aware of.

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It was released as “beta”, but since a few problems were face, it was removed for now, but will sure to come back when it is corrected.

is there a way to “downgrade”? lol