C# Language is not supported in Uipath 2019.10.10

I have dowloaded a .xaml file. when i try to open i am getting this error.

Please help me on this.


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In the latest version (2019.10) of UiPath Studio C# is not supported. So you can not use it.

Hey @suresh_kumar4

You cannot use it in the latest version because C# support was removed temporarily.

If you really want to use it, you might need to downgrade to a prior version of studio

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Title of the post should be some meaningful and it has to describe the issue you are facing.

As of now i changed the Title of your post. Please keep it in mind when you are creating new posts from next time onwards.


Hi @suresh_kumar4

See the link below for your reference.

C# Support Temporarily Removed in Studio 19.10

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Still no C# with UIPath Studio 19.11.0 Beta 2. Is it so minor ?

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Hey @Kuro_Tenshi

the C# support was introduced as a experimental feature. However, there were some problems. hence, they have decided to remove it from Studio until it is fully stable and ready to go into production. So I think we will need to wait some more time until it is back and ready…

They will surely inform once it is ready… Until, if you want to use workflows developed in C#, i recommend you to downgrade to older version where C# was supported…


That’s what I did. But for the community edition it remains hard to downgrade as there is no downloadable old version and auto-update cannot be disabled.

Hopefully, I found an older setup on my rig and set the folder to readonly to be able to work.

What I doesn’t like is the fact that we can’t even see our code (the editor won’t open) when opening using the VB.NET hack. So that we can’t even convert our projects.

I didn’t have issues. So why disabling a feature, even if troublesome for some people ? Because it’s dangerous ? Let’s disable it only for stable versions, no ? Not for beta. And give the responsibility to people to use C# as they want.

I am running into the same issue with the community edition 2020.10. Is there a way to rollback to an early version for the community edition?

I am also having the same issue with community edition 2020.10.0-beta.149. I can’t select C# as the language when starting a new project or open any of my existing C# projects.