How to schedule Multiple Queue Trigger Jobs on Same Process

I have 3 bots like Task Dispatcher, TaskPerformer and TaskReminder. All processes input come through queue. Previous bot provides input to task dispatcher Bot via orchestrator queue. In TaskDispatcher, i have prepared excel template and request user to validate the report (link is given in form task ) & user can either approve or reject. I will include task ID , username,useremai ID and form object fields into current transaction and insert the transaction into new queue so that taskperformer will run. TaskPerformer get transaction from queue and it goes to suspended state and keeps waiting for user response. Until & unless get response from user for current transaction , bot can’t move to next transaction. I have increase dynamically allocated from 1 to multiple while starting the job so same process can be executed multiple times. Can we configure multiple jobs on same process. FYI Task reminder bot get new transaction from taskperformer queue (get queue items activity) and check task Id status whether pending or completed. If pending , bot will send reminder to the respective user.

Hello @Hari_Raghav25

  1. Task Dispatcher Bot:
  • Takes input from the orchestrator queue.
  • Creates a transaction and adds it to a new queue for Task Performer.
  1. Task Performer Bot:
  • Retrieves transactions from the queue.
  • Processes each transaction, waits for user validation and moves to the next one.
  1. Dynamic Allocation:
  • Configures multiple instances for parallel processing.
  1. Task Reminder Bot:
  • Checks Task Performer queue for pending transactions.
  • Sends reminders for incomplete tasks.

Thanks & Cheers!!!