Schedule a process in multiple robots

I want to schedule a process in multiple robots. In older version of orchestrator, we can do that under execution target. But how we can achieve this in the latest version of orchestrator?

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@Divya_Balasubramania which version you are using ?

I am using 2021.10

@Divya_Balasubramania Configure all machine details (lets say you want to run the process in three machines) in Orchestrator . Then, create a environment and deploy all these machines to the same environment

I think this is applicable only for classic folders. Environment concept is not available in modern folder

@Divya_Balasubramania Please go through the below one. It would helpful

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Welcome back to our UiPath community.

Classic Folders are deprecated and it was completely replaced with Modern Folders in latest version of Orchestrator.

Hope you have added Users or User Group under that folder and added machine template. Based on that process will be triggered in all the user Bots machines with associated with that machine key.

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Hey @Divya_Balasubramania

Don’t choose any machine or user in the configuration tab you posted.

That’s it.

The process when triggered will be ran by any of the available bot in that particular folder.

Hope this helps.


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