How can I transfer a process to another computer without losing the images and screenshots in the process?

I am trying to put an automation that I created on a colleague’s computer, however when I send the zip file with all of the information and they open the Main in the zip, none of the images or screenshots are there, so we have to redo every single click into activity (and there are a lot!!).

How do I successfully transfer a process without having to change things other than the file paths and personal variables?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Kindle Note Missing Preview Screenshots are Not removing the selectors.

Ensure that the .Screenshots Folder from the UiPath Project is Exchanged from source to target.

Also Take Note on the Design > remove unused Screenshots Button within UiPath studio

I zip all of the files together before sending them to my colleague and the .Screenshots is also included and it still does not show up when opening the Main on the new computer.

As we are using a Lot of reusable xamls we did practice it and it was working.

  • Check the spelling of the Folder Case sensitive and . In begin of foldername
  • Go for a new Single xaml and ist Screenshot and Test again