How Can I Set a Timeout For a Trigger Scope?

My TriggerScope includes an Element Attribute Change Trigger.
How can I set a timeout for this Trigger Scope (I do not see a timeout property)? I want to end the workflow if the Element Attribute Change does not Trigger after 30 seconds.

Additional Info:
CSharp project. Windows-Legacy.


I think there wont be any timeout for the Trigger scope, but you can set the timeout for the Element Attribute which you used insdie the scope.

Please tell me how to set the timeout for the Element Attribute Change. I do not see the property.


Parallel and Delay activity might help you, as the following image.

Please set true condition property of Parallel activity.


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@Yoichi Thank you. The Delay (inside Parallel activity with its Condition property set to true) works perfectly. Now my activity gracefully times out.

For anyone interested, in my case, I set the Delay Duration property to: 00:00:10 for a 10 second delay.

Again, Thanks!

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What condition need to put in parallel property


Set True as the following.



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