Question on delays and timeout property

in a click activity if I set properties delay before, delay after and time out how much time it would be if the element is not found? Is it equal to delay_before + delay_after + timeout?

If the element is found, is it equivalent to delay_before + delay_after for the element to be clicked?

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Hello @A_Learner

If the element is not found, the amount equals:
Delay_before + Timeout.

If the element is found:
delay_before + delay_after + ‘the amount of time taken to click’ based upon WaitFor setting. (WaitForReady.None, WaitForReady.Interactive and WaitForReady.Complete)

The default settings are:

  • 30 seconds is the default timeout.
  • WaitForReady.Interactive is default WaitForReady setting (aka blank).

These can be configured in the project.

Does this make sense?



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Hi @A_Learner

If element found it takes delay_before + delay_after + timeout
If element not found it takes delay_before + timeout for clicking an action

It will wait upto the given delay is came and then it clicks the action. If element found it clicks, if not found it throws an error as ui element doesnot found.

I hope you understand!

Thank you @Steven_McKeering !

@Thank you @lrtetala

Some more information about WaitForReady:

Studio - UI Activities Properties (



Thank you @Steven_McKeering

Hi Can you please check, if element is found, it does not take timeout.

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