How can I schedule a bot to run

How do I schedule a bot to run every 30min on mondays only? I have never done this before so help would be awesome. I know im suppose to use orchestratror.


Goto Schedules tab and do like this. Please check below screenshot:

what would i put for the process? I have the bot connected. Do I use the same name for the scdedule as I did for my bot name?

HI @seanp92

You can schedule a process through the Orchestrator. In the orchestrator, go to the Schedules page and click on the Add button.

Then in the scheduler, Go to Daily, and select Monday. Then below, type 30 mintues

For the process name, you have to specify what process you want to schedule to run on the specified schedule. This process only lists processes that are published and available in the Orchestrator. So if you have not published your workflow to Orchestrator you have to publish it first.

To publish
In studio, click on publish button

In the next screen, select “Orchestrator” and click on publish

Once published, go to orchestrator. Processes → Packages page and check whether your published workflow is there

Next, Go to Processes page and add a process with the newly published package

Once done, you can properly add the process in the scheduler…

Let know whether this helps!!