How Can i run the same flowchart simultaneously to reduce the time

Hi team,

I need you guys help , like i have built a flowchart will look like this !
which is the processes this workflow take some 5 mins to run the all the process for one user login. and for an hour i can only do 12 user_Logins.

Because per day i have to process around 100 user_Logins.

So can i execute the current flowchart simultaneously ??? like using “Parallel” activity i know that parallel activity needs different workflow which works in different window.
For an example only? Likewise can i use same flowchart simultaneously to reduce the time?
say if two flowcharts running at a time then i can process 24 user_logins in an hour !!!

Actually i am not aware on this case. excuse me ! if i am wrong !

could you guys guide me on reducing the time in any way???


Hi @Sriram07
Based on this flowchart you can do the iteration dont need to do any activity

ensure the login user id and password all are in excel based on that i think we can login and do the manipulations within 2mins

Ashwin S

@AshwinS2 Thanks for the reply.

I think i did not explained properly, Not only login after log in i have to navigate to some numerous tabs in that website and i have to scrape respective data about the user and then only i can log out and logged in as other user from excel.

So that’s why this flowchart is taking so much time.

Kindly guide me for the above use case

If you are scrapping I’ll say simultaneous bot execution isn’t possible!!!

  • One can only execute one process at a time by the robot thus saying so it means one robot per machine!!!

Yeah thank you much for your response @Shubham_Varshney

If possible can you tell me any example use case, that we can execute the simultaneous bot?

You can loop in multiple process execution into one process!!!
But if it’s repetitive that would mean only one execution per machine!!!

To do simultaneous execution, try it using orchestrator and divide the task to multiple machines!!!

If not possible, move the code on another machine!!! Divide task manually and do execution :slight_smile:

Hope this helps you!!! Cheers :smiley:

Thanks , I got some idea about this.

Do let me know how you are approaching this!!! Maybe something new :slight_smile:

yeah sure !

Inside parallel activity, give the invoke workflow two times and pass two different inputs for them to process.

Just try, i havent tried this.

@Sriram07 and after above suggestions i would suggest you to make a change in properties panel waitforready to none in all activities wherever you find this.this will make you run faster.