One Single Bot - Simultaneous Similar Activities

Hi all, I am thinking of building a project which would need the bot to complete this one long full sequence of monitoring in a browser. However, is it possible for the bot to run this sequence simultaneously using the exact same sequences, the only difference is the target URL of the browser.

Example: Bot would run and monitor for,, and so on, in the same time?

Of course there are other activities in the sequence other than only monitoring - saving data into Excel, reporting etc.

Is this possible?

you can use parallel activity and invoke the same sequence twice (but with a different url parameter)

for each sequence you need to tick “isolated” so that they both run on separate threads. This way you can run both simultaneously

this is doable with as many parallel sequence is it?
and if the bot consumed the same Excel file for reporting, will it affect the activities?

sorry for so many questions, just thinking of the possibility if the project.