How can I run a testcase from Orchestator?

I create a simple testcase, open a web browser, and then I published to the orchestator, but when I run the test from it, the assistant doesn’t run the test from the orchestator, why?

Hi @Christian_Maury

Is your robot licensed as a testing robot? This might be the cause.

Hi @loginerror well I have this from my Orchestator

something is wrong?

I think you should set up unattended section for your user as well in the Orchestrator Tenant -> Users section and give it a try.

I took this hint from here, although it is not just quite clear:

Well I did this

But, when I run again, the execution’s state is pending

And, Pd: I notice this:

thx for sharing the screenshots. Lets jump on a quick zoom to figure this out.
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Hi @ThomasStocker thank very much for your help.

The solution it was create a machine with the same name of the host to recognize the license