How can I re-open the browser after every 10 clicks?


How can I re-open the browser after every 10 click activity ( click button anywhere I know)?


Hi @merve5
Check this workflow (34.3 KB)

Here what i had did is

  1. Use system trigger inside the trigger scope to monitor only click events and also intialise an integer variable at beginning with value as 1
    2, if user click anywhere in screen the index get incremented and if the index reahes 10 , it will open the browser using open browser activity

Hope it helps you


Nived N
Happy Automation

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Thanks for your answer, but I can not see your activity in your project.image

Hi @merve5 check this updated file (33.0 KB)

If any issues is still there in workflow folder
check screenshot of workflow for reference

Thank you very much. I will try it.

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