How can i open a screenshot i saved, and crop it, and then save it again?

I took a screenshot of a browser page and saved it.Now, i need to crop it to my need and save it again. How can i achieve it??

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey @im_heathen

what part you wanna crop it is based on Coordinates or else? Specify it :slight_smile:


This is the screenshot i took i need to crop only the bar graph from it and save it again. Also is there a way i screenshot the bar graph alone directly from the browser page itself?

Hi @im_heathen,

please try this activity


This activity is not present in UiPath!

it was there in UiPath Platform you can download and use this activity

This isn’t working for me!
How can i crop a desired region from a web page using snipping tool? i tried it but i am unable to drag the mouse and crop a particular area! Can anyone help me with this?

Why don’t you just capture the bar graph only with the original take screenshot activity (or take a second if you need the full screenshot as well)? You’d just need to identify the selector for that element then pass it to the take screenshot activity and it will capture just that element on the screen.

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Are u still searching for this? If so here is the solution.

i have added the sample .xaml below. You just need to pass the arguments x, y, height, width.

Crop Images.xaml (6.8 KB)


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