How can I login to software when it shows login screen..?

Hi UIPath Community,
I’ve a use case where software has 10 or more processes. after each process completion a login screen appears for starting a new/next process. we have to login to start new/next queued process. process timing is not fixed. So, how can I monitor for login screen in software and start my login process each time when it appears…???


While you complete the process, always check whether the login Screen Element is appear or not, If it appears then do steps else do other steps

are you using Re-Framework? If so you can define the Element Exist to check the login screen in the start

Hope this helps


yes, I’ve did it the same.
But, the problem is we’re doing rest of the automation process using WinAutomation.
So, how can I loop through the or use while loop to check login screen is appear or not OR running the process continuously …???