What credentials to use to logon after Orchestrator 2018 installation


I’ve just installed the 2018 Orchestrator from our trial media but it is not documented what user account and password to use after the installation has finished and which tenant to specify. I’ve checked the installation information in the online guide and I can’t see I’ve missed anything.

Can someone point me to the relevant information?



create an account initially, give a name as tenant name then username and password. When account is created login with the info.

Thanks for the reply, but how do you create the initial account?

just give you email id and asked info s.

Here is a screen shot of the login screen displayed when I access the orchestrator website. If I enter a user name and password I get a message saying “Invalid username and password”

How do I logon to get to the Users page that you are referencing in the online guide there must be a step missing to create an account so I can get to the users page.


click on become a tenant.

This is a new local installation on an on-premises server there is no “become a tenant” you are referring to the cloud service.

Just to clarify I am building an on-premises server using the trial UiPathPlaform MSI. I have completed the prerequisite installation steps on a Windows Server 2012 R2 standard and on finishing the Orchestrator server 2018 installation I am accessing the orchestrator web site for the first time.

My question is what username and password do I use to logon to the orchestrator to continue with the configuration? I have reviewed all the installation steps in the online guide and I cannot find any reference to assist.



`what is the url you are using for orchestrator web?

Its an on-premises server in the format https://myservername it’s not in the UiPath cloud.

But don’t worry anymore I found the answer on the second from last line in the 2016 Orchestrator documentation, for future information it is defined here Orchestrator Server Installation

Thanks anyway


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Thanks for sharing the info, i was also stuck with not able to login to the on-premises Orchestrator.
Wonder why UiPath Doc don’t mention this default username and pwd in the 2018 version doc, it could save a lot of time for the users. Thanks again for saving my day.

No problem, I went round and round in circles thinking I had missed something obvious for about a week :frowning:

Hi David,

I am also facing the same issue but when looked at 2016 documentation I found that we need to create Newlogins for IIS APPPOOL\UiPath.Web with dbcreator role in SQL server DB but unable to do so. Getting error as below


Can you help me out? if possible give the steps you have performed to make it work.


Hi Lakshmi

if you are installing the 2018 version of the server just follow the installation prerequisites for the 2018 version here https://orchestrator.uipath.com/docs/prerequisites-for-installation

and then the steps for the installation here https://orchestrator.uipath.com/docs/the-windows-installer

I only used to the 2016 documentation to find the username and password to logon the first time after the installation had completed as it is not described in the 2018 documentation…

To logon to a new orchestrator 2018 installation for the first time leave the tenant field blank enter admin as the username and 890iop as the password.

Hope this is what you need.



Awesome !!! Thanks alot David, it’s worked.

But I have thoroughly verified 2016 documentation, haven’t seen any password info there. Where you found “890iop” password.


I checked and it has been removed :frowning:


I am having the exact same issue, but the username “admin” and password “890iop” do not work anymore: did they changed it in the 2018.2 installer.msi ?

Any suggestions ?

answering here for all other users that might be in my same situation: I solved uninstalling UIPath completely and reinstalling it after checking that all pre-requisites from the “installation prerequisites” documentation page were satisfied.

Be sure to configure, during installation, the application pool to use a local machine Administrator account to autrhenticate.

The username and passwords are:
tenant: leave it blank
username: admin
password: 890iop

Hi David

Am running into the same issue. Any suggestions?
890iop is not working :frowning:

Hi ghepa

Tried this…it still wont take 890iop…any other suggestions?