How can i get check box value in form extractor?

how can i get these values?

Yes you can, you need to add the checkbox in taxonomy and add it as type “boolean”

next in extraction scope you can assign it in form extractor.

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First of all you need to create your value as boolean in the taxonomy manager
Then in the extractor select the field to extract, and the add the corresponding synonyms in your form extractor for your field like this


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Hi @MitheshBolla ,

In the Taxonomy Manager, you would need to create Fields (Boolean) for all the Checkboxes present. Meaning I, II, III, IV, OES Mean and N/A.

You would then need to Label/ Select the The Checkboxes for each fields while using the Form Template Manager. Place all the possible synonyms for Yes and No in the Settings Panel. This way the Extractor can identify the synonyms and the output would be in the form of True or False.

The Fields need to be configured/created for each of the Checkbox field in the Taxonomy Manager.

Let us know if you are not able to follow the methods.

Also, Do check the following video on Form Extractor :

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I had gone through this video. for me i had 100 questions and each question had 3 to 7 check boxes ,
cant i get checked value in excel intsead of all answers?

Will i get only selected value in excel , or all the values with unselected ?

I had done this, but values are blank!
i am not getting yes or no

i did same but data was not extrated for check box

While assigin its not extracting boolean value

@MitheshBolla ,

Apologies for the late reply.

Is it possible to also show us the Form Checkboxes Configuration that you have prepared in the Template Manager ?

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currently there are 4 check boxes, i am trying with 2 check box first

@MitheshBolla ,

Could you try using Anchors on the field checkboxes as well and Check if you are able to get the correct output ?

We could provide more than one anchor to a field. But when providing an Anchor do make sure it is a unique and Stable anchor and near to the checkbox field.

For the fields, You could maybe provide 4. Prevailing wage as the first anchor, then a. Per as the second anchor and then Provide Year as the 3rd Anchor for the Checkbox 4.b.Per.Year. Similarly do the same for other checkbox.

Check the below video for more on Selectionof Anchors :

Let us know if you are able to perform this.

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I had gone through the video and kept anchor tag as you suggested .
I kept 2 to 3 anchors and value in Boolean, but still i dint get check box yes or no.
Most of the check boxes are not extracting, Is there any other ocr or extractor which gives more accurate values?

@MitheshBolla ,

Have you Configured your Check Box fields in Taxonomy as Boolean type ?

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yes, i kept boolean.

but in validation station most of the fields are not extracte,
I got one check box and that is not the position which i kept in template.

i am getting yes no radio buttons only when i add fields in signature

@ushu any help

@ppr any help

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