DU Check box extraction

Hi Team,
I have check box

I know declare in taxonomy as boolean and then indicate custom area both for yes and no.
IS there any possibility that using only one boolean variable and extract the fields either yes or no as per X mark.

Need the help how to do in DU only using extractors.

@supermanPunch @ppr @Yoichi any help on this pls

Hello @Gayathri_Mk

  1. Create a boolean variable (e.g., IsChecked) in your taxonomy.
  2. Configure two extractors for “Yes” and “No” using “Indicate Custom Area.”
  3. Set conditions in each extractor:
  • For “Yes,” set IsChecked to true if the X mark is present.
  • For “No,” set IsChecked to false if the X mark is not present.
  1. Use the extracted IsChecked variable in your workflow.

Thanks & Cheers!!!

Yes we can handle two three Way’s

1.Just create a name with your field in taxonomy and will be in boolean type.
2.use the anchor base or custom in extractor to yes check box

1.For example if the yes[ X ] as been selected you will get true .
2. If yes [ ] as not selected then you will get false it means the No as selected.


Hi @Gayathri_Mk ,

Could you check with the below post :