Two Issues Robot with Name is not defined and unlicensed

Hi All

I am using community edition 2019.10.2*. Need your help to overcome the below issues. DUe to the issues, I couldnt run my robots end to end from Orchestrator.

  1. from PC, trying to connect to Orchestrator. Managed to connect. But license shows Unlincensed.
  2. If I try to run the code from Studio, using debug mode , getting error Robot with username is not defined in Orchestrator,

I am using windows 10.

cmd:whoami : desktop-tj7gtvb\godsi
robot Creation : I have created a env, RObot and Machine.

I have spent 2 days to crack the issue and couldnt find.

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Could you help me with screenshots of Robots page in Orchestrator and also UiRobot system tray. So that we can check and help you in this.


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You were almost done

For this

Did we try with Unattended type of robot instead of studio

And before doing this we need to ensure few things
—is the Robot tagged you a environment
If not in ROBOTS tab click on ENVIRONMENT tab and create a environment
—then in that environment click on right end and choose the option manage and then add your robot
So that you won’t face this issue

Or still without orchestrator if we want to run the process from the studio itself
Then for this

Disconnect the bot from orchestrator in robot tray and try execute process in studio

Cheers @nithyarajesh123

Hi All,

Thanks for helping.

What i am trying to do is create a framework and run from studio, which connects to the orchestrator queue and adds items to queue.


  1. Although from tray it says connected, i can see connected and unlicensed.
  2. if i try to run or debug from studio, it says robot with name godsi doesnt exists.


  1. Orchestrator config
  2. RObots are tagged to environments.
  3. Robots

Reinstalled and disconnected from tray , now i can connect from studio

Sorry to flood the emails. WHile trying to add to the queue, again it failed.

Hi @nithyarajesh123

Go to Services and type UiPath Robot and start the robot

ashwn S

Hi @AshwinS2

There is no such option to start from Orchestrator. Please could you share a screen

Hi All,

I got the solution.

The key issue was Machine name created should be actual PC name. I used VM. Hence it was showing unlicensed and it was not allowing to connect to orchestrator and it was not allowing to add to queue.

Thank you all for your efforts to help the cause.


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