How can I filter the data in a column in Excel in another excel sheet?

There are personnel names on Sheet1. In Sheet2, I want these personnel to filter by their names, respectively, and to copy the data obtained as a result of the filtering for each name by creating a new Sheet. For example readed A and filtered in the sheet2 and copy this value, new sheet name “A”. How can I do that?

Duplicate Topic : I want to read the names in one excel sheet and filter the column in the other excel sheet, but I am getting a converter error. How can I do that?

Can you share the sample input and Output @burak

Are the names of the people in sheet1 duplicated?

For example, on page one, it will read the name A under the Staff Name row heading, and filter the column A on page 2 to get the data named A. Then, this will copy the jobs of the person named A, open a new page and name the page A and put A’s data in it.


Yes, pivottable I did copy

Are the names of the people in each table variable?@burak

yes, the table here is variable

TEST1.xaml (10.9 KB)
Hi, you can try this way

Thank you Ceyda,

I had set up such a structure, but I realized where I was missing. Thank you for your interest.

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