Filter column name and copy in new Excel sheet

Hi Team,

I’m facing an issue while filtering the column of one excel sheet with other.


Consider: BlueWater- I’m expecting the result in another data table as below.

and similarly for other customer.
and if there is no matching customer name from sheet1 then just display the data availabel in sheet1

Compare Excel sheets with column.xlsx (83.1 KB) FilterTableE1 (1).xaml (32.7 KB)

Pelase advice me on how to achieve this.

HI @Vishwanth_Raya

I couldn’t go through the workflow you attached… But I can suggest some approach…

First, read the full excel to a datatable using Read Range…
Using the datatable, you can do the filtering using filter datatable activity
Now, you can write back the data in to the excel in same format…

Have you tried this approach?

Yes @Lahiru.Fernando, I have tried the same approach.
But while writing the data back to excel, it is not writing in the required format.

Hi @Vishwanth_Raya

If it is not writing data, that could be because you filter is not working properly… You could test this using debugging… Can you try adding a breakpoint and running in debug mode. In the locale panel, you can see the values that are available in the variables…