How to filter column values in excel using Filter data table activity

I am facing an issue with the table in excel sheet . I need to filter data in column 1as i getting the output but it’s copying and pasting it into another sheet, we need to separate data for the main sheet .(Sheet2 )

Attaching the excel file please check it .

Sheet 2 In this main sheet after filter data output will be writing sheet1.but my expected data is sheet 4.

suppsheet.xlsx (11.4 KB)

which is your main sheet? sheet1 or sheet2?

Hi Jack,

it is Sheet2

ok, then you want to get this result right、?

Yes Jack .
can we do like this after filtering data can we delete from sheet 2 .

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delete what from sheet2?

which we are filtered data .

use this
Test.xaml (12.5 KB)

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Hi Jack

This main sheet ,First we need know which data is present in column
so I using this Activities
excel app scope
Read range
Assign :ReadRange .DefaultView.ToTable(True,“Number”)
Write line : Assign
output show :5,3,1,1
the next step
Assign :ReadRange.Select("[Number]<> 5 and [Number]<>3 ").CopyToDataTable
Output Data Table
Write line :output Assign
It shows like :1
Write Range: writing the data in to sheet 1

After how can we delete from sheet 2 which was present in sheet 1 data.

use write range in sheet2 with filter

ReadRange.Select("[Number]<> 1 ").CopyToDataTable

Yes Jack
In column
is fixed value
Other than this two values they is any value we need move to another sheet

Filter a range of data
Select any cell within the range.
Select Data > Filter.
Select the column header arrow .
Select Text Filters or Number Filters, and then select a comparison, like Between.
Enter the filter criteria and select OK.