Filter Column and Copy to another sheet

Hi Team,

In below attach excel, I need to filter supplier details by supplier name column and copy all supplier details separately to another sheet
And lastly need to take a screenshot of sheet and attached to email body.

Please support me to automate this excel sheet.

Test1.xlsx (11.5 KB)


Use Read Range activity and declare a Datatable Variable for Output

Now use Filter Datatable activity where in Output Columns, Select Keep and mention as “Supplier Name”

Output to another temp datatable

Use this temp datatable to write back to another excel file using Write Range activity

Hope this will help you


I need to filter supplier name and other details separately to another sheet. Similar to sheet2 in below excel
Test1.xlsx (12.7 KB)

Hi @Udesheyy

Need clarification!

As there are seven supplier names in given input you need to separate each supplier
rows in each sheet or ?


Yes I need to separate each supplier rows in each sheet

Hi @Udesheyy

Please refer to the xaml below for splitting data into each sheets!

Try to adjusting the headers!

Main.xaml (8.2 KB)