How can I do advanced web search automation?

Hello everyone after a long time,
ine shown in this video Example Code
HFA4101 Price and then there is a table that needs to be clicked on the search icon and pulled.

I want to export this data to excel, if you can help me later, I would really appreciate it with examples.

So the first think you would want to do is identify the selector for the row you want to extract data from.

You can use the Kodu cell as an anchor to the magnifying glass icon to click on that to open your additional table window.

You can then try the table extraction wizard on that table to retrieve the data.

Can you show it on the diagram, not an explanatory answer for me?

I really need help.


Are you able to spy the Kodu column value and search icon
if so , please make selector dynamic by value for kodu column with Values like you mentioned “HFA4101” later
Using the Get attribute activity get the row number of the that particular value
Use click activity in that make selector dynamic for row number of search icon and provide the row number you got from get attribute activity
next use one more click activity indicate kullanil option
Later use Table extraction to get the table

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