Dynamic Table Extraction

Hello everyone, I need help with dynamic table extraction. Here is some context in what I would like to achieve in my automation:

Create a loop to search for multiple keywords in a website search bar and extract the data.

  1. Read For Each Excel Row in a data sheet (each cell contains keywords to be searched)
  2. Input keyword (variable name: keyword) in search bar and table extraction executes to extract every available data
  3. Extracted table will be inputted in excel sheets with (keyword) as name; macros will run to do some data cleaning
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 until last data row

I have created the loop and all the macros are ready. I am having problems having Table Extraction to work dynamically, do I need to make some changes to the Table Extraction properties? and if so what is it?

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Hi @izzikan,

have you already considered using UiPath Dynamic Selectors for the selector of your table extraction activity?

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Inside the for each row in data table you will be getting the keyword from yhe wxcel.
Inside that loop you need to use Table exctraction or Data scrapping to extract the table.
Then use write Range activity to write to excel. Sheetname you can pass the keyword

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