Help with advanced Google search

Hi,I am working on my thesis for which I have to research on news sites. It can also be seen as searching a word on google-opening all -extracting and looping.the target will be all same…Like WSJ in this case.
Can anyone help me with this process execution ? I have basic knowledge of uipath.I am attaching required image for process.


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Hope the below steps would help you resolve this

  1. Use a Open browser activity and mention as “
    And use appropriate browser like chrome or edge
    If you are using chrome or edge then make sure u are installing browser extension
    For chrome extension
    Installing the Chrome Extension for UiPath Studio

For edge extension

  1. Then use a type into activity and type the search term you want

  2. Then use a Data scrapping method where fetch only the Url of each search results of first page
    You can yes for next page option in data scrapping wizard
    For more details on how to use data scrapping have a view on this doc and you will get a output of type datatable named dt

  1. Now use a For each row activity and pass input as dt

  2. Then use inside that loop use again a Open browser activity and pass the url value from specific column by mentioning like this

  3. This will open that page and you can extract the data you want and write it to excel with write cell activity
    If it’s a single text value then use screen scrapping method and get the text as a string and write it in excel
    If the data is in tabular form then again use the same data extraction and get the output as datatable dt and write it to excel using write range activity

Cheers @lucky_11


Appreciate your prompt help.
Will try this and update.

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I tried it and most of it was success,except- the get text part.
So after getting the URL list and performing forEach- apply browser and dynamic URLS, till here all success. It opens all links individually.All Good

Now, when i use GetText to sample the part of the page that will open(the required text part on individual links),
at the finish of RUN, the same text is getting copied in all URL results.Ideally, all URLs individual text should have come.(News headline and article below).I am attaching the process screenshot,its a bit different process i tried,but GetText result is same for all.

this was a similar tutorial but got same result for this as well.


Fine instead of Get Text try with GET ATTRIBUTE activity where get the attribute aaname or inner text or text as a string value