How can I do a 'Save As' using UiPath


I want to save a PDF file as XLSX using ‘Save As’?


To add some more details,
I want to download a PDF file from the browser, save it in a folder.
Then open the saved file, do ‘Save As’ . On the file type dialog change the file type to excel and then save the file.



When you do that manually, do you have Save as Excel option in your PDF. I think its a paid Add On in Adobe.


Yes, I have the paid option. How do I do it using UiPath?


You can use hot keys to click save as excel. Press alt and see which options are being highlighted and follow that pattern.

Usually it’s ctrl+shift+s for save as.

Open application activity will be helpful


Ok so I loop into the folders to find PDF, Open PDF ,save as using Hot keys correct ?




Is there a sample you can provide?