How can I delete rows in an excel file if for example column A is empty

Hello all,
I am developing an automation in which i have some data and then i need to clear the rows in which column A is empty.

Which basically makes that the formulas without any values enter in conflict with some other formulas that I have that calculate the sum of the entire column.

I already have that in a data table but I don’t know how I can use them since it is a template file and even if I went to paste the data table the empty rows on the template would still be there


There is Another thread with discussion on similar query
Would recommend to have a view on it and see whether it solves ur scenario

Cheers @goncalo.rocha

Hello @Palaniyappan my issue is not having that data filtered in the data table, the filtered data table I have, what I need to do is remove them from the excel directly, since the lines without data are making my template throw an error when trying to sum all the values of the column. thank you

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