How to Delete Entire Excel row without using Excel Application Scope


I am trying to delete Second Row from excel without using Excel Application Scope.
Can anyone please suggest the solution.

I have put the condition if A2 & A3 cell value is same then delete A3 row, So condition is working but Deletion not happened.

Want to delete A3 Entire Row

You may be able to convert the data into a datatable, use the remove duplicates datatable acitivty and re-populate into the spreadsheet. However, it is most efficient when using the excel application scope.


The EAS Way:

also have a look at this activity:

Hi @nilesh.mahajan
Use Invoke code activity , and create argument for datatable

enter the below syntax inside the invoke code activity

In_Datatable.Rows.Remove("row index you want to remove")

Where In_Datatable is the argument for your input datatable

Hope it solves your issue


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