Delete data from Excel sheet


How do I delete the data from an excel sheet “WITHOUT USING EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE”.

if you are not using excel appication scope to read the data and delete it, I guess you have to go with macros, and execute the macro using uipath.
Pavan H

Could you explain why? Just curious.
But starting excel is possible? Start Process, navigate to Sheet, select range to clear, delete, close and save… All possible without application scope just use attach window.

@rost is there a reason why you wouldn’t want to use excel application scope?

Delete Range Activity

Works with Excel Scope only

Excel is not installed on production server

@itsahmedfiroz In that case, you could read range from the excel and then delete the rows that are not needed from the data table and write the range to the excel spreadsheet.

You could have this mentioned in your first post :roll_eyes:
Makes it easier to answer…

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Please refer this link here…

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