How can I create and run the automation on a android device?

Hello, I am very new to the automation world, I appreciate any response. My goal is to create an automation that will help me create sales within a app installed on a android device. My troubles right now is how to connect the device and start creating a sequence using that device.

I do appreciate any help Thanks

Hi, there are other methods and tools that you can use in conjunction with UiPath to achieve automation on Android devices. One common approach is to use Appium, an open-source tool for automating mobile applications, along with UiPath for orchestrating the overall automation process.

  1. Set up the environment:
  • Set up Appium on your computer.
  • Install the required Android SDK and platform tools on your computer.
  • Connect your Android device to your computer through USB debugging and enable the option of wireless network in android device.
  1. Create your UiPath automation project:
  • Open UiPath Studio and create a new project.
  • Build your automation workflow for the actions you want to perform on the Android device.

3.Install Appium libraries in UiPath:
UiPath supports custom activities created using .NET libraries. You can create custom activities that interact with the Appium libraries to perform actions on Android devices.

4.Write custom Appium activities:
Create custom activities using .NET in UiPath to perform specific actions on the Android device through Appium. These actions may include tapping, swiping, inputting text, etc.

  1. Set up Appium server connection:
    Start the Appium server and configure it to connect to your Android device.

  2. Run your automation:
    Run your UiPath project, and the custom Appium activities will interact with the Android device through the Appium server.

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