How can I create a scraping loop from the site map?

I have a site map:
which has a list of all the links I desire in .xml format. I am already scraping the desired table from one of the links how can I get UiPath to open the links, scrape the table, go to the next link in the list and so on until it reaches the end of the list?

Hello @Marin_Witherspoon ,

I am thinking for a scenario like this:

  1. Create a list or a datatable from that xml file.
  2. Than use For Each or For each row from Datatable
  3. User the Navigate To activity in the for each activity (navigate to each url)
  4. Run your code to scrape the data from the page
  5. Save the extracted data to an excel or append the data to an existing file.

This might be the high level process.

I hope it helps.