How can I automate a web form filling including dropdown?

I am trying to fill a webform where I am required to select 1 value from a drop down list out of 64 values Then click on ‘search’ which generates a list of users and then click ‘add to list’ Which can I use unipath for this. I don’t know any programmin. I tried ‘winautomation’ software but failed as I wasn’t able to add control repository for the dropdown list. Can I use uipath for this? I am fairly new to this. Any help is greatly appreciated.


The is something pretty easy to do in UiPath, I strongly recommend you have a look at the UiPath Academy content (link and info on the top menu of the page).

Spending a bit of time getting familiar with the tool and academy content will make you those type of thing very easily!

Regarding your problem, in particular, you can have a look at this video from @karthik_bethi

Cheers and have fun automating

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how can i fill the web form from the excel data values
1- Iterating using for each through excel data
2-stored the values in variable using Row.Item(“Column-name”).ToString

now how will i fill the value in web form… how should i click on the exact element in the form

Hello, can you please help me with the answer also