How add path of folders in a Queue

Hello guys, I take all path of folders inside of another folder, but I need add this paths to my queue.

How I can configure my “add queue item” to add this paths in my queue?


Hy @Diego_Pin,

Yes it is possible: use the function Directory.get Directories(“Folder Path”). Use the Assign activity to a variable type array of strings.

Is it clear to you?
Any questions please let me know.


Hello @William_Blech_Sister… Thx

One question, when I’m use the activit “Add Queue Item” How I can use the itens of I’m add in queue in part of process?

Exmlp: When I use “Add queue Bulk” I use In_transactionItem.SpecificContent(“Column”).toString
If I need “Call” with “add queue item” How I can take the informations to use?


Hy @Diego_Pin,

Very glad I could help you :slight_smile: Please check my worflow to understand how to use queue items. (31.9 KB)

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Any other question please let me know.


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