How to add File Path to a Queue

I need to add a file path of an excel file to my queue. How can I do that?

Hi @Rachita_Chauhan

what u mean by adding filepath to queue

can u elaborate please?

I am passing the file path here. is it the correct way to do it?

Are you gonna process excel files? Is the path for them different?

Maybe better way would be adding asset with file or directory path?

What is the reason for adding that path to queue. Please elaborate on that :slight_smile:

Hi, there will be just one excel file. I am adding the path to the queue, so my performer will read the excel file and post the data into SAP.

But this whole file will be just one transaction. If you want to create dispatcher robot, you should add transactions as row of data to that queue. Or not use queue at all and place that file in asset.

We dont want to expose the data to orchestrator. so just adding file path


Yes, you can add like that