Hover not selecting the specified uiElement in PDF

Selecting a specific uiElement in PDF for click and drag to mask it.

The entire window is set for Click activity with ‘Click Down’ option followed by hover activity with the specific uielment. It however does not hover on the specified uielement. But the highlight with the uielement shows the correct uielement.

I hope we have passed Elenent property with a variable
Is it obtained with right string value of selector
Kindly check that once
Cheers @mailsmithash

Yes using the same Uielement i am able to Hightlight the required element, Highlight works but click down and hover does not select that Uielement.

Fine buddy
Were we able to drag it manually, I hope it would be
If so is Simulate click enabled in click activity


If simulate click is enabled getting the below error, so i have not enabled it. We are able to click down and drag manually in the PDF.

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Is SEND WINDOW MESSAGE property when enabled working

Cheers @mailsmithash

No, if both the options are disabled it clicks and hovers , but selects a wrong region.
If either the SIMULATE CLICK or SEND WINDOWS MESSAGE is enabled for either of the activity Click or Hover, the region itself doesn’t get highlighted.

Awesome then we need to check with the selector

Not using any selector but passing a Uielement in the properties.

The clicking region to be passed for CLICK DOWN and CLICK UP needs to vary for a selection of a region on the PDF.This solves the issue.

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