Hotkey : How to use Ctrl + C or Ctrl + A using hotkeys?

Hotkey : How to use Ctrl + C or Ctrl + A using hotkeys?
Please elaborate with an example, as while I tried, letters A, C etc got typed into the word document.



You simply need to select the Ctrl option and type a in the Key box. You also need to make sure that special key is unticked.

Notice in the second image that the key modifier is set to CTRL for your control key.


Can i use multiple hotkeys one after the other, for instance
Ctrl a
Ctrl c
Ctrl v

If not, do i need to mention a breakpoint in between?

Yes you can.
Just pass some delay between them or you can use property “DelayAfter”(Takes time in miliseconds) as well.


have tried using Delay as well. Still doesnt work.
Main.xaml (7.6 KB)
Uploading file for reference too.

Please use any word document to check the issue.

Hey @nesachdeva

it is running for me and checked no such problem with your workflow.

Doubts: are you using this inside citrix? or on local machine?

and try to remote activate check to uncheck as well and let me know.

if still you are getting some problem then let us know kind of screenshot or error message will be helpful to debug.


It didn’t work. I am executing the same in the local machine, no use of Citrix.
My motive is to select all text, copy it and paste it back to the same sheet.

Please help.

One more thing I would like to add. I am currently using the trial version of UIPath studio. Is it like trail version is barred from such usage of hotkeys or this feature is a part of the trial version.


Hi @nesachdeva

No their is no such restriction in trial version and you can use community version as well for learning. The key point or difference is only Orchestrator support with Licensed Or pro version.

For more assistance on this difference between trial and licensed one please go through with this post:

and for your problem will you please share the details info what is not working and it is throwing what error if any, or you can try to run it in debug mode as well to identify the error or execution flow what is going on.