Send Hotkey, target specific window title?

Hi guys I have a Send Hotkey activity that is imbeded in an Open Browser activity and I need to keep it that way for the bot to work, however the Send Hotkey is not going to that same Browser tab it is going to a new tab in the same window. How do I target the new tab? Even if I close out the original one and only have the one tab open, UiPath can’t communicate to it.

Is there a way to target the specific window title? Thanks.

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Have you indicated the window in send hotkey activity?

Below is what you can try

Before passing the hotkey, take an attach window and indicate the window.

Pass the hotkey inside the container generated above.


Yes I’ve indicated the window and it has the screenshot of the tab I’m trying to send keystrokes to.

Use GET ACTIVE WINDOW activity once after opening the browser with OPEN BROWSER activity

—inside that GET ACTIVE WINDOW activity use that SEND HOT KEY activity with just the hot keys and no element been indicated for selector

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @css


Hi @ Palaniyappan, that worked as well, but for some reason the bot isn’t passing through the commands after it. It may be a variable thing on my end, not sure.


if all the following comments are also been executed in the same page then keep all those even inside the same GET ACTIVE WINDOW activity container

Cheers @css