Undo is my friend!

Is there really no “Undo” button in UiPath? I just deleted an entire sequence by accident. . .

I’m sure you might have tried…didn’t Ctrl+Z work?

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Unfortunately it did not!

And I’m sure no version control as well?

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Works for me :slight_smile:

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select any of the sequence in your flow to perform the undo or (ctrl+z) action


There is a way: If you have not saved, just close UiPath Studio without saving and open the xaml file again and the data would be as it had been when you lastly clicked the save button! Strange that there is no “undo” feature and button, though.

Very useful to know that we must select the sequence

Yes u can use Ctrl+Z in any time even if you save your last change but if you close uipath and open again you can not do it any more.

So make sure you dont close uipath if you whant to make undo with Ctrl+Z.

O create a backup plan like from time to time use save as and save your work miwth diferent names.

Yes, you can do it.

If you have deleted sequence, then click on area where it was previously and press ctrl+z.

It will give you your sequence back at same place.

Hope this helps.


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