Ctrl-Z after disabling an activity

I want to bring up an unexpected behavior of UiPath that has caused some trouble of losing part of a workflow.


Any activity inside a sequence.

Steps to reproduce:

Set focus in the activity inside the Sequence, and press Ctrl-D to disable it (or use the right-mouse context menu to disable it).
Press Ctrl-Z to undo the disabling.
Check that UiPath removes the original activity from the Sequence, instead of removing just the surrounding “Comment out” scope.

Current Behavior:

The original activity is removed incorrectly from the workflow, along with the disabled scope.
You need to set focus in the Sequence again and press Ctrl-Z a second time to bring back the original activity.
If you disabled several activities in a row, you need to press Ctrl-Z twice for each while maintaining focus in the container scope.

Expected Behavior:

Only the “Comment out” scope surrounding the activity should be removed, which is the correct expected behavior from a Ctrl-Z (undo) hotkey.
The current behavior can trick the developer to lose work. (consider the damage of disabling a whole block of activities…)

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version:

Occurs in UiPath Studio Pro:

  • 2016.2.6274
  • 2016.2.6442

OS Version: Windows 7

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thank you Thiago, this is a known issue in Studio

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