Hold Key whilst Opening Application

Morning Folks,

I am using an Application (custom built externally) that requires me to Hold Down the Shift Key whilst opening the application to ensure the Login Prompt window appears.
This is so I can put in some admin credentials rather than the user credentials.

I am using the modern design experience and opening the application using the “Use Application” activity.
Then using the type into to hold the Shift Key down with a 5 Second Delay after.

Unfortunately, this only starts the Type into after the application has opened, which therefor has missed the opportunity to Hold Shift on Opening.

I couldn’t find much documentation on the syntax for the ‘Use Application - Application Arguments’ so not sure if there is something I could do there.

Any solutions would be great thanks!

Hi @Craig_Bannerman1

Please give a try,

Parallel Activity


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Cheers for the idea, just not too sure how I will get it to work since the Type Into has to be within an Application Scope, so this means it will just try and open the same app twice?

@Craig_Bannerman1 though I didn’t use parallel activity before, you can remove the type into in the application scope and put it in the parallel sequence so when the time application opens the type into will execute, though this is my understanding of the activity so it will work or maybe not work so please give a try.

And also try changing type into to send hotkey if type into is not working.


As advised at the start, I am using the modern design experience so the Send Hotkey activity is no longer available, unfortunately.
And the Parallel activity is a great concept as I do need it to run alongside :slight_smile:
Will try a couple different things and put the resolution once found

Got it working now! Just use the desktop as the application and added a delay to the Application I wanted to open to ensure the shift key was held before opening!

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Great, in modern design the send hotkey is called keyboard shortcuts by the way.


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