How to click Shift + Tab?



Hi Team,

I want to press Shift + Tab simultaneity but I as per code “[K(lshift)][K(tab)]” it is first pressing Left shift and later tab which is not service my purpose.

Kindly assist me.


hi @kawalkarhemant,

use send hot key activity
check Shift check box
Key -> Tab



Actually I trying to add the code in Type into activity hence looking code instead SendHotKey activity.


Hi @kawalkarhemant,

Type into activity it will type the value only it will not hold the key so try to use send hotkey activity.



Not Sure but I have tried using following code.

“Value” + “[K(lshift)][K(tab)]”, which is working but not sure whether is there any way to hold shift?


This will work


Hi guys,

is there any way to do this in “type into” activity?


Thank you


use the above format


Hi @Pablo_Sanchez,
What seems to do the same job is “%[d(shift)][k(right)][u(shift)]”, where ‘d’ is for ‘downpress’ and ‘u’ unpresses the key.


Thank you @PAD