How to click Shift + Tab?

Hi Team,

I want to press Shift + Tab simultaneity but I as per code “[K(lshift)][K(tab)]” it is first pressing Left shift and later tab which is not service my purpose.

Kindly assist me.

hi @kawalkarhemant,

use send hot key activity
check Shift check box
Key → Tab


Actually I trying to add the code in Type into activity hence looking code instead SendHotKey activity.

Hi @kawalkarhemant,

Type into activity it will type the value only it will not hold the key so try to use send hotkey activity.


Not Sure but I have tried using following code.

“Value” + “[K(lshift)][K(tab)]”, which is working but not sure whether is there any way to hold shift?

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This will work

Hi guys,

is there any way to do this in “type into” activity?


Thank you

use the above format

Hi @Pablo_Sanchez,
What seems to do the same job is “%[d(shift)][k(right)][u(shift)]”, where ‘d’ is for ‘downpress’ and ‘u’ unpresses the key.


Thank you @PAD

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Thank you

No problem, @Forever_Offers, hope it has solved your issue too :slight_smile:

Great! Thank you!

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Hey @kawalkarhemant, you can use the “Keyboard Shortcuts” activity. Then select Add a shortcut manually, shift and in special key insert >, and click on Add. Attached herewith is the image for more clarification.

Hi @arivu96

You can use the Keyboard shortcuts activity to give the Shift+Tab simultaneously.

Note - You can find the Keyboard shortcuts activity in Modern design activities.
For Classic activities you can use the send Hotkey activity.

Hope it helps!!