Hii i need help for the chrome extension. i am install the chrome extension from the studio. but after few secound open the chrome there is not showing the enable extension pop up. how to get this enable extension pop up

Need help

Have you tested to go to chrome://extensions and enable the UiPath extension from there instead?


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Hi @amarekatpure Good day

Please follow these below steps

Please note that file access also is disabled by default. To enable it:

  1. Click the Side Navigation Bar image alt text|autoxautoimage alt text|autoxauto > More Tools > Extensions . The chrome://extensions/ page is displayed.
  2. In the chrome://extensions/ page, navigate to the UiPath extension.
  3. Click the Details button. The UiPath Chrome extension details page is displayed.
  4. On this page, select the Allow access to file URLs check box.

Clear the cache memory of your chrome and then re launch it. Try reinstalling the extension UiPath Web Automation from extensions.


Hi @amarekatpure try installing the extension again from studio and please check

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Is your browser managed by your organization? If so, there might be a policy in place that is blocking installation of extensions. Chrome Enterprise Policy List & Management | Documentation


@amarekatpure is it installed now,if so please close this topic

If it’s a work computer, you need to contact your IT support and ask them to remove the blocking or least add UiPath extension to the allow list.

There are ways to circumvent the policy, e.g. by deleting certain registry values, but it’s risky unless you know what you are doing.

Not resolved

please resolve my issue