Binding Multiple Values For Checked Boxes in Form to Workflow Variables

Hello All,

I am not too experienced in uiPath, so any help is very much appreciated. I am trying to create a form that when the user checks a box in the form, the unique value specified for that box in the form is passed to a uiPath variable in the workflow. Is this possible? I have not yet found a viable solution in other posts.

The end goal is to write unique text to a word document if the user selects a given box in the form. So, once my variables collected values from the form (or didn’t), I would use an If statement to write to the word doc (or not).

I would also appreciate anyone letting me know if they think there is a better way to go about this process in the workflow.

Hello Shane,

you can use the “Create Form” activity defined into the UiPath.Form.Activites package in order to create a form that does what you need.

You can use the Chekbox component to create the boxes
and retrieve the values from the boxes to your activity from the FormFieldsCollection property as shown below

finally you just need to check the value in the if as you specified, if true then write the word, otherwise don’t.

Let me know if this solves your problem.


Awesome! I see how this works for individual Checkboxes, but can something similar be done for Select Boxes where there are multiple options?

Also, it would be helpful to know which component of the Form I have to enter into the FormFieldCollection Argument - is it Field Key?

Either way thanks so much because your example will still make the automation viable.

Yes for the select boxes it’s the same way, you just have to retrieve the value from the FormFieldCollection and use it in the process.

You’re right I forgot to specify that in order to get the value you have to specify as Name the FieldKey. You can do this for every element in the form.

@Shane_Kinley , Hope you got a solution already.

If anyone is still looking for a solution can follow below video to see how we can data bind multi select checkboxes or select boxes with list of strings or dictionary and output the result. Hope this helps!