Hi, I had got this error while adding queue item


Hi @bala371,

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I see you are trying to use Add Queue Item activity. The reason you see this failure message is because, you are trying to fetch value from a DataTable column name “ID” which does not exists in the DataTable.

You can check the DataTable first and see if it contains the required column named “ID”.
You can do this by using

  1. Output DataTable activity (which converts datatable to a string value)
  2. Message Box acitivty (which visually shows you the string value)

You have to reference the correct value to be used in Add Queue Item.

First i created the excel sheet which contains ID then added queue reference as ID, but its throwing an error like this.

Hi @bala371,

How did you reference it? A screenshot of the property panel would help.

If you directly used “ID” it will not work.

If you used a For each row activity then you have to reference it as Reference (Property) = row("ID").ToString

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Yea like that only i had done.

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I have my doubts on the dtCEO if it contains “ID”. Can you try a log message or message box and use CurrentRow("ID").ToString. Try this before Add Queue Item activity

Tried but its showing the same error
dtCEO i created variable in that i didn’t mentioned anything, its read range only.

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Hi @bala371
possible chances would be that ID may contains some spaces in column Name, other way is to try to use columnindex instead of column name

thanks for the responses and i just deleted the old excel file added a new file now its working fine.

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