Hi Forum, Bot needs to click the element in Popup window for the given input

I used “click text” activity in CV Screenscope with Uipath Ocr. To the Ocr, I given “computer vision api” in the Apikey field. It works well for all the text elements Except one element in the Popup list. Why?


Welcome to our UiPath community.

May I know what error are you getting here ? And also if possible can you please share screenshot of the element you are trying to click in that pop-up ?

Sorry it’s not a click text activity it is a “CV click” with Cv screenscope.

I’m not getting any error here. The bot performing different clicking action. For Example,
If I given input is New List(of String) {“Bot Uipath” , “Bot Uipath1”, “Bot Uipath2”}… So the bot can’t recognizing same type of text. If I given different input text like: (“uipath”, “robot”, “assistant”), it’s clicking perfectly.

@Gogannamatam_Siva, are use using element exist so the robots check if exists? This way maybe helps you to find a way to solve the issue :slight_smile: