Help with Automatic Data Scraping

Hello Colleagues,

I am scraping data from this website (in Arabic), using the Automatic Data Scraping,

It is working fine except for on item which is always captured instead of the correct item, plz refer to the image below, the scraper always return the value of Element “A” for column “B”

If anyone can help in modifying the MetaData of the Autoscrape to allow the correct capturing of Element “B” plz.

Thank you in advance.


Which activity are you using? can you share your workflow screenshot?


Thank you, I am using the automatic Data Scraping, below is the screenshot

And this is the Metadata related to Element B:

Plz refer to the highlighted

anyone can help plz?

Hi, looking at the web elements it looks like you may need to remove 1 of the div’s with idx=‘1’ before the idx=‘2’ line?

Thank you Naveed, I tried this already and it didn’t work.

Could you provide the entire metadata or project file so i can replicate?

Project file attached. Thank you Naveed.SequenceTest.xaml (14.0 KB)

There is a class that seems to be the same on all row divs for that section of data.
So this should work for that column:

<column exact='1' name='Activity' attr='text'>
	<webctrl tag='div' class='col-12 pt-2' />
	<webctrl tag='span' idx='1'/>

BIG THANKS!! It did work, really appreciated.

Your welcome :slight_smile:

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