Seeking UiPath tutor

Hello, I am looking to work with an experienced UiPath tutor to help guide me in making my very own automation. I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this request but I’ve done some searching and haven’t found anything for this.

Where can I find someone to tutor me in making my own automation in UiPath?

Hi @Johnnyboi1337,

There was a post regarding mentor / mentee relationships which you could post on.

Pretty much everyone on the forum is willing to assist :slight_smile:
What sort of tutoring are you looking for aside from the learning that the uipath academy offers?

Do you have any automation ideas in mind?

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Thanks for the reply!
I made a write up on what I want done specifically:

Do you know where I can find that post you’re referring to by the way?

Here is the post:

I would be happy to assist you where I can as I had a few mentors previously but dont have as much time anymore.

It seems like you have a good amount of automations on your list.

I would firstly break them down into individual automation components of things you need to do.

I would recommend creating a simple workflow using the record function in UiPath to capture your automation steps.

You would then need to build out the process more by accpeting inputs etc.

Have you looked at the ReFramework at all?

thanks for the reply! I just looked into ReFramework but I haven’t had the chance to understand it well enough. I’m still doing some basic courses on UiPath academy.

I’m currently doing the course on enhanced reframework tutorial, thanks for the suggestion!