[HELP] Service not working since yesterday. Don't know what changed

As the picture shows, I have the failed status in my service. I cannot seem to be able to edit the service whatsoever.

Is it only me ? I just did a clean install of UiPath latest version and error is still there.

Thanks in advance,


Hi @tsielk

There is an issue in the Uipath cloud platform and our team is on it at the moment. it will take some time to get the issue fixed… but they will update on it very soon.

In the mean time, you can check the status through the below link


Hi @Lahiru.Fernando, thanks for the reply.

I wasn’t aware of this issue.

Will keep an eye on the website you attached.



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however the website mentionned : Update - Update - We deployed a number of mitigation fixes to production. The service has been fully operational for the past 8 hours.
As a precaution, given the intermittent nature of this outage, we will keep the “Partial Outage” state for Cloud Platform until we have confirmed no service interruptions for another 16 hours

means that the issue is fixed since 8h and now is just under “monitoring” to ensure the stability…

So the question is : why is not working and why is written that the service is fully operationnal for the past 8 hours ! It’s TOTALLY WRONG !

i’m more or less on the same case…

Hi @loginerror, I guess though it says fixed some people are still facing issues…

So true !

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Hi @Mika

Please contact us here:

The Cloud Team is monitoring the platform closely right now and will be able to help.

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thanks @loginerror i’ve just did it.
I hope that the support be able to do it quickly.

Thanks for the sharing that.


Hi @Mika- Were you able to get the updates?

@Akash_N_Jain, i’ve opened a ticket over the link provided above and the team is working on it… but from now the issue on my side isn’t fix…

i’m just waiting since 6 days… :confused: and I hope that the team be able to do it quickly

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Hi @Mika- Dropped by to check if issue is resolved?

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hI @Akash_N_Jain yes it’s work now ! thanks for asking.